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Brand Design

The Pulsator provides first-of-it’s kind climate control solutions for crops affected by weather extremes.

The Pulsator provides frost and heat protection to orchard and vineyard crops by the most efficient application of water available on the market.

A Challenge Worth Fighting For

Around the world temperatures have been fluctuating causing crop losses due to extreme heat and premature frost.

The Pulsator 205 offers a solution which as of until now has not been possible due to inefficiency: The ability to protect crops by using the insulating properties of water, delivered in micro-doses via a mechanical pulse-spray.

This solution decreases the volume of water required to a minuscule proportion, allowing for sustained use over large crop areas with consistent all-around coverage, with minimal impact on the water table, and at low cost. This ensures farmers against undue crop losses.

The challenge is how to reach and inform farmers who rarely frequent social media and other common advertising platforms. The strategy became clear to focus on placing printed product information in agriculture and irrigation stores in key crop zones affected by climate change, and partner with experts in the field who have relationships with the farmers.

Demonstration Animation

To more easily explain the product and it’s use we created this 3D animation with accurate measurements demonstrating the way the product is set up and how it insulates crops.